Computer Mouse

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25 Responses to “Computer Mouse”

  1. I Shine Says:

    Lol this is a sensor mouse and he holds his hand fake

  2. Aniruddh Tyagi Says:

    proud to be an Indian

  3. Siddharth Maurya Says:

    Very good thinking, advance use of simple technology…
    Take a look

  4. Lucidity Says:

    Is this the future of all computing? Just moving your hand as though it is
    the mouse…

  5. Jaceĸ Rzėxniĸ Says:

    Mouseless - an invisible computer mouse
    What about linux driver for it? Will be also invisible? ;)

  6. Abhijit Kashyap Says:

    Pranav Mistry is a genius

  7. Ian MathWiz Says:

    This is officially the best video ever. Not to mention, it’s from the same
    team that designed SixthSense. I hope they release the software for this,
    since it looks pretty cheap and easy to make.

  8. Quinn ik Says:

    that mouse sucks

  9. Pedro Pêra Says:

    Mal feito

  10. OverlordMace Says:


  11. iEloquencex3 Says:

    pure lag.

  12. ChrisD4335 Says:

    the laser is not pointed at the camera it can only see the light refracted
    off your fingernails

  13. cill973 Says:

    I don’t use it for call of duty because of the “speed”

  14. deepti113 Says:

    he is a genius

  15. EnriqueIglesiasBG Says:

    Very inaccurate movements.

  16. Dhartiification1 Says:

    @dgoeck u got to be open to new ideas..thts how someone came up with

  17. Samuel Lopez Says:

    @ChaosPunksXe you shouldn’t start predicting things, you never know who’s
    reading these comments. Someone might ACTUALLY make an invisible steering
    wheel now.

  18. Luke Chen Says:

    Another great idea from Pranav Mistry

  19. Tom W Says:

    it’s like kinect . you are the future of microsoft !

  20. Doriard1989 Says:

    @RazorIndie you CAN TRY AND BLEND YOUR HAND….

  21. Robert Thompson Says:

    Yeah it spooks me out just watching the video. I love my mouse anyway. lol

  22. Anthony Scalise Says:

    Now if only there was an invisible keyboard that would be awesome

  23. rbaleksandar Says:

    I like the idea but they should also add a special mouse-hand-pad. Think
    about the physics. We put our hand on the mouse and move it. The mouse rubs
    the surface of the desk. If there is no mouse, the hand will be the one to
    rub the desk. This will most certainly f*ck your hand’s skin up because of
    all the rubbing.

  24. Darksidestudios100 Says:

    BUT!!! Will it blend? :D

  25. xxBlackpspxx Says:

    huge delay but nice

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